Are you interested in new, diverse, and ultra-pleasurable sex positions? Sexploration is a special activity where we can explore each other in new ways. I have vast knowledge on Kama Sutra and other well-known sex manuals. Your sexual adventure is going to change your life and that is a promise. Together we can explore several positions thoroughly before moving onto the next. Want to have sex standing, or sitting, in a chair with legs and arms wrapped intimately around each other?

All of those positions, and many more, are my specialties. I love these parties so much and really enjoy showing how bodies can bend in surprising ways, reaching climaxes more powerful than imagined that I offer them at a “non-specialty price.” You’ll want to take this journey. It will blow your mind.

I’m well trained in sex education and will confidently guide you as we venture into the erotic. 

I don't claim to know it all, so let's explore together, teach me what you know, and how you like it.

Sexploration. It's something to be celebrated!