Roleplay Parties

This is one of my favorite things to do: dress up and pretend to delve into a fantasy! I love pretending to be somebody else. I already have a lot of different outfits and costumes but you can bring something with you for me to try on. For example I can be a Wood Elf, Warrior, French Maid, or School Girl. Either way, let’s make our own quest or maybe you want to catch me being a bad little school girl. I will help you satisfy your fantasy and we can make memories that will last a lifetime. Do you have a special costume or roleplaying request? Email me ( hyperlink email) and I can arrange that for you.

Costume ideas if you do not wish to bring your own:

School Girl

I really want to get an A in my English class. What can I do to earn that A? I have both a red and black school girl outfit. Do you want to be my teacher, principal, or coach? Whichever role you choose to play, I’m willing to do anything. Do you catch me in the locker room touching myself? Or am I due for detention? You craft the story. I’m just an innocent school girl.

Cat Girl

I love to dress up as a pretty, little kitty. I’ll wear cat ears and even a tail. Be my owner and pet me all over. Did I mention that this kitty likes to play with her toys?

French Maid

I just love to clean but it can be back breaking work. Sometimes I have to take off a few garments because I get so hot. Or maybe I forgot to clean something. I love my job and my job is to make you happy. You’re my boss. Let me know what needs to be done and I’ll get right to it.


Help! I’m in need of a hero! When you slay the evil dragon, you can find me ready to be saved. I’ve got frilly dresses that I just can’t want to wear for you. Once you save me, I’m ready to show my appreciation. Since I owe you my life, I’m willing to do anything. Let me polish your sword brave knight. Let me know what your fantasy is, what you desire.