January 13, 2018

I had the pleasure of visiting the Sagebrush Ranch during a recent trip to Reno/Carson City. This trip began several weeks ago while on my Twitter account, I came across Miss Brooklyn Beach’s picture. She was wearing a red dress with her hair down and a radiant smile. I was captivated with her from that moment on. I followed her on Twitter and her posts for a couple of weeks and looking at her profile online at the Ranch as well as her own website. I took a leap of faith and reached out to her, so our journey began in November. Over several weeks, we talked and got better acquainted. I shared with her that I was going through a divorce and what happened with my estranged wife. Her words were not only supportive but extremely caring. I felt like we could talk about anything and it turned out we did along the way to meeting in person. To make sure I’d see her, I made the call and committed a deposit to make sure I would have time with her.

My trip to Reno was wonderful…better than I could have hoped for and the highlight was meeting this incredibly charming, giving, supportive and sexy young woman. My trust in women overall had been destroyed, but with Brooklyn I felt a calm when emailing her or chatting through Twitter. Even though I was intent on meeting her, my nerves and anxiety almost got the better of me on the day of, however when I called to cancel my appointment, she got on the phone to reassure me and the sound of her voice was enough to calm me, so I made the trip down to the Sagebrush Ranch.

I got to the ranch, followed her instructions to buzz in and asked the hostess for Brooklyn. She was sitting at the bar waiting for me to arrive and was in a gorgeous lacy Red dress with high heels. It was the same one I had seen her in and commented to her how much I liked. Brooklyn’s smile lit up the room and her warm embrace made me feel like we had been friends for along time. We sat at the bar to have a drink together and talk but shortly after moved to a couch to be more comfortable and closer. She sat close to me with her beautiful legs pulled right along side me. Her perfume was intoxicating, and that sexy smile was so disarming. The more we chatted about life, experiences and of my recent past I knew I was ready to take the next step with her, so I asked her to go to her room and talk more.

Our negotiation was brief, and she was extremely gracious when quoting me a rate for our party. After checking me over, we went to see the cashier to get the party settled out and then to get ready. My heart was racing at the cashier’s window, but Brooklyn held my arm or my hand the whole time kissing my cheek and making sure I felt ok. We went to her room and while I undressed she excused herself to change. When she appeared again, I almost couldn’t breath because I saw this gorgeous woman standing in front of me in a black silk robe and her amazing smile. She took control which made me relax immediately. I took in every inch of her body….her full breasts, her sexy/soft legs and hips and that amazing butt.

She told me in advance that I’d love the GFE with her and she wasn’t wrong! Brooklyn was what I think every girlfriend should be…gentle, loving, attentive and playful. She made feel things…made me feel alive for the first time in such a long time. Her touch was electrifying and brought me to ecstasy in a way I hadn’t felt in years….many times. We enjoyed each other and when done, laid together talking until time was up. When we did get up, she invited me into her shower to help clean me up which nearly left me weaker in the legs than our party did.

After we both got dressed she walked me back out to the bar area, gave me a huge hug, one last kiss goodbye and I left the Ranch in a state of joy, feeling alive and incredibly fulfilled. When I plan another long weekend away I plan to visit Reno again and most certainly will see Miss Brooklyn again too. Thank you Brooklyn for making this “old” guy feel like a kid again. I can’t wait to see you again! Xoxo



It was my first visit to the Sagebrush, and it’s a visit that will remain with me forever. Months in advance, Brooklyn, Phoenix and I planned our little trio tryst. Both girls were extremely accommodating leading up to the special night, staying in constant contact with me, and they went out of their way to prepare things even before I arrived.

That night, I had never been so nervous; meeting two beautiful, talented ladies? I thought I might be in over my head. However, from the first moment we met, Brooklyn sensed and eased my nervous tension: she was fun, witty and all smiles, an amazing package of sensual and emotional energy. We took our time, chatting at the bar and enjoying a drink or two (maybe even a shot of Patrón) before she showed me around and introduced me to Phoenix . Once I was at ease and relaxed, she moved us into the bedroom to discuss.

Phoenix and Brooklyn have quite the imagination, with a gift for creativity and a spark of fun energy they share that ignites when the two are in the same room. They offered me several roleplay possibilities, to include a doctor visit. Curious, I took the bait; I had no clue what I was in for.

The ‘check-up’ started out fairly routine, with Nurse Phoenix prepping me and the room before Doctor Brooklyn made her entrance. Before I knew it, however, Phoenix had my hands tied to the bed frame (in preparation for the ‘stress test,’ she assured me). My heart was certainly stressed; while I lay tied up, they performed all sorts of tests, not only on me, but on each other. It was all I could not to pull down half the bed frame with me as they tested my endurance in every way imaginable, with oral, hand and foot and demonstrations on the proper use of toys.

Feeling that the check-up needed to be a little more, vigorous, Dr. Brooklyn instructed her attending nurse to check me completely, which included riding my prone body in reverse cowgirl, while the good Doctor, using her lips, checked my face and mouth for any obstructions. Certain that she had done all she could do to prep me, Phoenix left me in Brooklyn’s care.

Where Phoenix is wild and vivacious, with an energy that overtakes the room, Brooklyn is gentle and methodical, meticulous in spreading her love over every inch of you; it was two sensual extremes, one right after the other.

Brooklyn picked up where the attending nurse had left off; she undressed (to make the patient more comfortable), and proceeded to work her way up and down, from my lips to my groin, kissing and licking as she went, until she finally, mercifully, placed herself on top of me and inside her.

As any good Doctor, Brooklyn checked my stamina in many different positions: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy and missionary. Pleased that my heart wasn’t going to fail on me, she passed me with a clean bill of health, but she didn’t let me leave before a warm shower and wash.

The prescription was perfect; I’ve never felt better, more alive, and it’s all thanks to Doctor Brooklyn and Nurse Phoenix. I highly recommend both of these ladies to anyone who’s curious to see if they can ‘stand up’ to their medicine; it’s well worth the visit.

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My periodic visit up to Reno for some gambling, eating and fun. Was able to get a little sun at the pool deck at the Atlantis hotel also.

Couldn't make it up to the CWMC festivities but hope everyone had fun this past week..

Brooklyn Beach caught my attention at the livestream sessions as well as her postings and pictures. Went up and had a couple of ladies that I wanted to talk with and was hoping to meet up with this beautiful lady.

Well, I was in luck when I walked in and Brooklyn showed up in the lineup. Picked her and off to talk a bit. Her pictures are wonderful but just being next to her I was in awe. I'm a sucker for a pretty face. Those eyes.. really got to me and that smile. Anyway ladies and gentlemen.. she's prettier in person. We talked a bit and just loved her personality. Mentioned to her that I come up pretty often and although I love all my previous parties I also like to to party with different ladies. ALL the ladies are beautiful and every conversation, massage, kiss, hug and of course party are unique in their own way.

Well this lady did NOT disappoint. Lots of touching, caressing, etc.. Had a little extra time after we finished and we talked a bit afterward. She is such a sweet and genuine person. Beautiful face, beautiful person and legs for days. :)

Brooklyn, thank you for spending time with me. I had a fantastic time and will be back if you'll have me again. Hopefully you had fun also.


Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Brooklyn Beach (1st party - 7/1/17) at Sagebrush Ranch

After leaving Love Ranch North, I walked across the parking lot over to Sagebrush Ranch. Prior to visiting Sagebrush, I had corresponded with Brooklyn and mentioned I would first stop by to meet her. Just like Love Ranch North, after getting buzzed through the gate and coming through the front door, I quickly told the door guy that I did not need a line up and was here to meet Brooklyn. This time I was apparently not fast enough since ladies were already forming a line up for me but then the door guy said false alarm to the ladies that already showed up. After waiting a brief minute or two Brooklyn came out to meet me and gave me a big hug. She looked beautiful and charming. I mentioned to her that I had not been to the Sagebrush before so she provided me a tour. It was quite interesting to see that Sagebrush has a much larger bar and lounge area compared to Love Ranch North. This place also has a pool table and piano. I thought it was also interesting to learn there are 69 rooms (I figured the # of rooms wasn't designed randomly but still that's a lot of rooms for this place). After the tour, I mentioned that I'd like to get some water since it was a hot day so we went to the bar where I got some ice water and bought her an interesting drink (Ron Jeremy rum and coke). We discussed how she was getting settled into her new job (her prior job was the door lady at the Bunny Ranch) and how things in the local area compare to the mid-west (where she's originally from). After we finished our drinks, I mentioned I'd like to first get some dinner and then meet her back at Sagebrush for a party later that evening. That worked for her schedule since she had to go to the Bunny Ranch for the weekly video shoot. So I ended up leaving Sagebrush and headed back to Gold Dust West hotel and had the $10 prime rib dinner special which was not bad given casino food.

After dinner I drove back to Sagebrush Ranch and met up with Brooklyn. She changed since I last saw her and was now wearing a lovely dress. After another hug, we sat at the bar and discussed how the weekly video shoot went. She mentioned today's topic was not interesting jobs you've done before and shared what some of the video participants mentioned. We also discussed her pets and some of her prior jobs. After getting further acquainted, we went to her room. Since we had corresponded before I arrived she already had a good idea of what kind of party we were planning on so negotiations went pretty quick and we were off to the cashier. After paying the cashier, we ended up having a wonderful party. Once the party ended, she walked me out and gave me another hug. I really appreciated all the time she provided me before I arrived at Sagebrush via online correspondence with timely and sometimes detailed responses. She was also generous with her time in getting to know me before the party. After leaving Sagebrush, I drove back to the hotel and did some gambling at the casino before going to bed.


If you are interested in my full trip report, refer to the following link below:


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Only waves of a loving touch in my wonderful two girl experience with you. You are very beautiful . Thank you for being ever so present. You taught me to be more creative and patient. I wouldn't mind parting with you again lovely. Thanks to a lovely stranger whom brought us together.

-Desert Rose (LRN)

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