Over Night Encounters

If you prefer a little more intimacy, overnight encounters are the way to go. Spending extra time with you is my favorite part of these encounters. We get to stay up all night, exploring one another and we don’t have to feel rushed. We can lay around in just our skin eating chocolate and sipping champagne. If you do have to leave, I can spend 6 hours or up to 14 hours with you. Some other encounters pair well with overnight encounters, especially dates! There’s nothing better than spending all day and all night together. Overnights give both of us an opportunity to further explore our bodies. Don’t forget, you can pair this encounter with others, like sexploration, sex with two ladies, and role play. Overnight encounters aren’t your cookie cutter experience. Like you, I’m a unique person, and I envision each night differently. What ever you want is what I want.

When the sun goes down, and our clothes come off, our adventure begins. Let’s converse, talk about desires and make affectionate love. I love to kiss and I want my lips all over you. Hours spent and we’ll be best friends. It’s the perfect way to spend an unforgettable night. Let’s talk about our options for the night. Send me a message so we can start planning our nightly adventure!