Dinner for Two

Help me light my candles and let’s get the fire started between us. Dinner for two offers red wine and, of course, our intimate companionship. Connect with me, talk with me, bond with me. Let’s not talk just about me. Tell me where you’re from, where you grew up, what your favorite music is or something deeper. 

Adventure Time

Are you more of an explorer? Nevada has so much to offer! Let's head to Vegas for the an unforgettable weekend. If  you're an outdoorsy type, let's head to Lake Tahoe for a hike with coffee in one hand and your hand in the other. Or if you prefer a slow pace, we can escape back in time to Virginia City and spend the day like they did way back when.

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Your Choice

Do you have something specific in mind, or have a special spot or restaurant picked out? I am a girl who loves a nice surprise! I am all yours, so lead the way. I love to see new places or share a memory of a remarkable place you cherish.

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