Do you long to experience more with a companion? With me, you can. The Girlfriend Experience is the most commonly requested type of party for those who wish to share a little more than what goes on under the sheets. I want your time spent with me to be more than an encounter. I want you to get to know you, feel you, and understand you. Without the GFE, or Girlfriend Experience, you can’t reach that level of closeness or familiarity.

What’s even better is that I’m just like the girl next door. The one you want to get to know and the one that wants to get to know you. What do you do when you like the girl next door? Well, you ask her out on a date. We can go exploring the world before we explore our own bodies. Let’s hold hands while we walk down the street. We can find a romantic restaurant and enjoy laughter over a delectable meal. After dinner, we can go see the latest big, blockbuster film or go do a little window shopping at the mall. If that isn’t your pace, I’ll do whatever you want to do. As we get to know one another, your nerves will feel at ease. If you desire more than a bedroom encounter, I can be your girlfriend. I want to hear about your deepest fears, your aspirations, and what you’d like to do to me.

When it’s time to take our relationship back to the bedroom, rest assured that I will never judge you. I understand, like any good girlfriend, that everyone gets nervous. I get nervous too. We can lay there with our bodies, under the warm sheets, and talk. I can tell you what I like to do and you can tell me what you like to do. Is there any desires you want me to fulfill? I’m here for you. If you feel like you aren’t ready for the bed just yet, let’s take a stroll into the massage room, where I can oil you up, feel every inch of you, from your shoulders to your ankles. I can help release your nerves and, before you know it, you’ll be ready.

When you’re ready, I want to take things slow. Let’s take each other’s clothes off. I like to be rubbed, licked, and nibbled. Like a ripe fruit, I’ll be yours to taste, a little bit at a time. Run your fingers along my sides, my chest, my thighs and I’ll return the favor. These are my favorite things to do during foreplay but, what I really want to do, is kiss you passionately. Make love to me, fall into me, and give yourself up as I will for you. As our bodies slide against each other, like waves, I want you to feel my climax. And I want to feel yours.

My promise to you is that I’ll give you a once in a lifetime experience. That is my goal. I understand that you are an individual, a person with emotions, fears, desires, and a whole life behind those eyes. Show me what’s behind them and I’ll show you my world. You can share yourself with me by contacting my email: [email protected].

 Come knock on my door, let’s get to know each other.