About Brooklyn

I am a Midwest girl through and through. I come from a tiny town with one stop light, where everyone knows each other. I am fortunate enough to come from a very tight nit family, which I definitely have to give credit to for my very loving and genuine side. I am the third of 5. That's why I'm so patient and hate conflict. I am super gentle and can be very sensitive. 

Once I graduated high school, I went right into the work force as a door to door salesman, eventually running and operating my own business. I did that for 6 years. I decided I wanted a change of pace, so I asked myself what would be really fun and enjoyable? Adult novelty store - aka sex shop! I guess that's what really sparked my interest in this career path. I have always enjoyed people and sharing that "darker" and intimate side of them. 

After some close friends of mine moved out here, I decided to follow them a few months later. In February I found myself in Carson City, and low and behold I figured out we lived under 10 minutes away from the world famous Bunny Ranch! I immediately applied as the door girl/hostess. Finally making the jump to the other side in June. 

So here we are. What about you, what's your story?